How to get yourself ready for the future of accounting

Accounting is often seen as future proof, and we agree that it is vital work with a long future. But work is changing fast, with AI and its untold automation capabilities cresting the horizon. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to stay relevant in the accounting field of the future.

  • Differentiate yourself from a bot

While AIs are impressive, they’re not quite human. Human accountants bring a personal (literally) touch to the interpretation of data. The professional knowledge they have informs their judgement on financial matters. This kind of decision-making won’t be automated for a while, nor the ability to convey and justify these judgements to other people. Soft skills will distinguish you from the competition!

  • Use new technology to your advantage

While businesses scramble to apply AI to everything, take every opportunity you can to use new developments to streamline your own work. Accountants can take Excel for example. While it isn’t exactly new, there are innumerable ways to make it work for you faster; commands, formulas, templates etc. Automate what you can!

  • Keep learning

Knowing is half the battle. Keep abreast of new developments in your field. Courses, media, your peers’ experiences; figuring out the best practices ASAP will distinguish you as a high value human resource. Have an ear to the ground!

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