Spreadsheets design & development

Our skilled team of experts can design and develop custom Excel spreadsheets tailored to your business needs, providing efficient solutions for transaction processing, data analysis, financial modeling, and reporting.

Teach Excel to do your work, so that you can focus on value adding stuffs.

In today’s dynamic business environment, standard accounting systems often fall short of addressing the unique needs of your organisation. Built to cater to common requirements, these systems create a significant gap in meeting the specific demands of accountants. We understand this disconnect and are committed to bridging it with our bespoke Excel solutions.

Excel is far more than just a spreadsheet tool; it’s a potent ally in the world of accounting. Its unparalleled versatility and robustness make Excel an ideal assistant for bridging any gap, regardless of its size and shape. Whether it’s about adapting to complex financial models or tailoring specific reporting formats, Excel’s capacity for customisation is unmatched.

Our portfolio

Financial Statement Preparation Template

Designed for accounting firms to streamline their reporting.

Cashiering Workbook

A comprehensive tool for a hotel chain, managing and controlling cash counting, checking, and depositing.

Bonus Computation Model

An efficient tool for calculating employee bonuses and generating and emailing of bonus letters.

Payroll Cost Projection Model

To forecast and manage payroll expenses based on historical data and forward-looking assumptions.

Hedging Gain/Loss and Valuation Workbooks

Replacing purpose-built systems with flexible Excel solutions.

Financial Models for EBITDA Projection

Offering insights into future earnings and financial health.

Consolidation Worksheets

For currency translation and automated exchange rate integration via API.

Expected Credit Loss Model

Derive provision matrix from historical data and forward looking assumption, according to the requirement of IFRS 9.

and more…

Why us?

Our team brings more than two decades of experience in spreadsheet design and development. But our expertise goes beyond technical skills. We possess a profound understanding of accounting and business intricacies, enabling us to deliver solutions that are not just technically proficient but also deeply aligned with practical business needs.

Our hands-on accounting experience in both practice and business contexts equips us to create solutions that are both technically sound and practically relevant. We are dedicated to transforming your accounting processes with customised, efficient, and effective Excel solutions.

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