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In the accounting profession, processes that are not automated in accounting software or ERP systems are predominantly handled in Excel. This flexible yet powerful tool is often seen as an indispensable assistant to accountants. To increase productivity in accountancy, mastering Excel is crucial.

“If You Can Teach, Excel Can Do.”

We believe in empowering accountants to make Excel work for them. Our training is not just about teaching Excel, it’s about teaching you to instruct Excel to efficiently handle your tasks. This way, you can focus on creating value for the organisation you work for, for yourself, and for the profession.

We understand that true proficiency in Excel goes beyond just learning formulas and functions. Our training programme is uniquely designed to focus on the concept of template building, enabling accountants to efficiently reuse and adapt these templates for subsequent periods.

By Accountant for Accountants

Our Excel training stands apart because it's developed by accountant, for accountants. We understand the intricate demands and specific challenges faced in the accounting profession, and our programme is meticulously crafted to meet these needs.

Template Building

We teach the art of creating versatile Excel templates that are not only time-saving but also enhance accuracy and consistency in your work. By mastering template building, you can streamline repetitive tasks, leaving more time for analysis and decision-making.

Right Mindset and Design Rules

Our approach instills the right mindset for using Excel effectively in the accounting profession. We introduce recommended design rules that guide you in creating user-friendly, error-resistant, and scalable Excel solutions.

Real-World Application

Learning is most effective when it's relevant. We use actual accounting tasks to illustrate our teachings, ensuring that you understand how to apply the right formulas in the right context. This hands-on approach helps you grasp the thought process behind using Excel strategically in your day-to-day work.

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Maximizing Excel for Financial Reporting Success

We understand the unique needs of accounting teams in various organisations. To cater to these specific requirements, we offer in-house training courses, designed to bring our expert Excel training directly to your workplace.

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